Crane Insurance

Crane Insurance

Yes Insurance specialises in crane insurance programs tailored to the unique risks of heavy-lifting operations. With over 15 years of expertise, Yes Insurance provides custom-tailored coverage aligned with your business needs. With access to exclusive insurers, we ensure comprehensive protection at competitive prices, safeguarding your business from accidents, damages, and injuries during crane operations.

crane insurance

Who is Covered?

  • Owners of cranes, whether individuals or businesses.
  • Businesses or individuals renting cranes.
  • Businesses leasing cranes from other companies.

    Broadform Liability

    This safeguard shields against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage arising from crane operations, providing financial protection in liability situations.

    Loss of a Rental Crane

    If a rented crane sustains damage or is lost, this coverage compensates for repair or replacement costs, absolving you of financial responsibility.

    Transportation Protection

    Ensuring cranes are covered during transit to and from construction sites, this feature reimburses damages incurred en route, such as accidents, collisions, or theft.


    Tailored for scenarios involving multiple cranes utilised for lifting operations, this coverage offers protection against accidents or damages resulting from coordinated lifts.

    On-Hook Liability

    This coverage shields crane operators or owners when lifting and transporting third-party property, providing financial recourse in case of accidents or incidents during lifting.

    Downtime/Loss of Income

    This coverage compensates for income loss or business interruption in the event of crane accidents, breakdowns, or repairs, covering ongoing expenses and lost profits during downtime.

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